Shock rocker Marilyn Manson and his new burlesque dancer wife Dita Von Teese have ruled out a reality show charting their domestic eccentricities, despite admitting they live like The Osbournes. The MTV fly-on-the-wall series depicting Ozzy, wife SHARON, and kids JACK and KELLY was a huge hit and has inspired TV companies to find new victims for a reality show. But Von Teese is adamant her lifestyle is too crazy for the small screen, and has had to turn down a flood of offers. She says, "It's a madhouse like THE OSBOURNES. We've been approached for a show, but we'd never do it. "For a start, I'm always walking around naked or in a negligee. "I guess our life is a little bit like what you'd imagine, but then our stage personas are not far from what we are like in real life. It just works."