Burlesque couple Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese's wacky public appearance is no different to the way they dress in the privacy of their own home.

Von Teese insists they stay faithful to their public styles in the comfort of their house, refusing to don popular relaxation clothes like jeans and tracksuits.

And Manson refuses to be addressed by his real name BRIAN WARNER - except by his parents.

The porn beauty says, "Manson and I pretty much wear what you see us in around the house - but a little less make-up. I've never brought a pair of jeans in my life and I've never worn a tracksuit - except for fancy dress once at Hallowe'en."

Von Teese adds, "No one calls (Manson) Brian apart from his mum and dad. There's no Brian in my life. Fans often shout 'Brian' in the street, but he doesn't react."

08/12/2004 17:26