Marilyn Manson made the ultimate faux pas when Lisa Marie Presley came to visit him - he pulled out a doll of her former husband Michael Jackson.

The TAINTED LOVE wildman owns a bizarre figurine of the THRILLER legend, complete with missing nose - and presented it to Presley, forgetting about her personal ties with the eccentric singer.

He says, "I'm very good friends with LISA MARIE PRESLEY, but I forgot about her relationship with Michael Jackson - as she probably would like to - and this was hanging in my hall.

"I felt kind of bad when she came over. So I did a little puppet show with it and made her laugh.

"I said to her, 'Look, you can't get more punk rock than getting married to and/or f***ing a baby dangler. He's a baby dangler! At this point he's saying, 'F*** it, my nose has gone, I'm gonna dangle a baby.'"