Bosses at Island Records have shelved the new album by former Marilyn Manson guitarist JOHN 5's rock group LOSER after he quit the band to tour with pal Rob Zombie. The rocker, real name JOHN LOWERY, had just finished recording the much-anticipated album and filmed the band's first video when Zombie invited him to go on the road with him. John 5 says, "We were supposed to start touring for the Loser record... The record company wanted me to make a decision and I offered to bring another guitar player in, but they didn't want that. "(I told them) I was going to have to go with Rob and they were pretty upset, so I don't think they're going to be putting out this record, which is unfortunate because it's a really good record." The guitarist admits he wasn't looking forward to life on the road with his new band - because it wasn't all tourbuses and arena shows: "At my first gig I was playing in arenas. My first tour was in a bus. I've never gotten in a van." And John 5 is enjoying life on the road with Zombie so much, there are reports he's turned down the chance to tour the world with GUNS N' ROSES. He adds coyly, "I'm staying with Rob."