Marilyn Manson only takes drugs when he is happy.

The singer - real name Brian Warner - insists he has learned that consuming narcotics and alcohol when he is feeling low only makes the situation worse.

He said: "I'm very objective now. I started to apply this really fantastic rule that they don't teach you in AA or AAA, or any other acronym - do drugs and drink when you're happy, not when you're sad. It has a great effect. But I can't say that I did that the whole time."

The 'Rock Is Dead' star has been plagued by rumours claiming he has a drink-and-drug dependency problem, but he insists he is stronger than the substances he consumes.

The 40-year-old musician - whose marriage to ex-wife Dita Von Teese reportedly suffered because of his hard partying - added to Spin magazine: "I try to make my body a place where drugs are afraid to live."