Shock rocker Marilyn Manson created his latest album THE GOLDEN YEARS OF GROTESQUE while smashed on superstrong absinthe.

The goth star became an absinthe expert after trying a little of the once-banned alcohol in New Orleans, Louisiana, back in 1995, and now he swears it adds to his creative endeavours.

He says, "It's not so much like acid or ecstasy, where you're seeing things while you're on it. It was more like lucid dreaming, where I would have dreams that continued from my waking reality and became very indecipherable from the real world.

"I think this latest record is probably the only 20th or 21st century piece of art that has been created on absinthe - in the same way the original absinthe drinkers created on it."

Famous absinthe users in history have included writers Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde, and artists PABLO PICASSO and Vincent Van Gogh.

28/10/2003 21:12