Actress Marilu Henner is convinced her upcoming third marriage will be forever - because she has known her new man since college.

The former TAXI star will wed publisher MICHAEL BROWN next year (05) after originally arranging for her college roommate, LINDA, to lose her virginity to him.

She explains, "He was actually my roommate's boyfriend. We went to the University of Chicago (Illinois). In fact I took her to Billings Hospital to get the birth control pill so she could lose her virginity to him. We were really close."

Henner lost touch with Brown over the years but he kept popping up at amazing times in her life.

She adds, "The next time I saw him after I left school was on my wedding day in New Orleans. I was getting a marriage license and I was in this tiny little office, and I'm sitting there and I looked out the door and for a split second he crossed the doorway.

"This was miles from the University of Chicago and I went, 'Michael, what are doing here?' He said, 'I'm going around the world,' and I said, 'Oh, I'm getting married. Bye,' and he took off.

"Then, 22 years later he called me... a year and a half ago... I though he wanted Linda's phone number."

06/09/2004 21:07