Marilu Henner, the 58-year-old American actress and star of 'Taxi', wowed America this morning (20th December 2010) when she demonstrated her 'superior autobiographical memory' on 'The Early Show', reports CBS News. The actress claims that the 'gift' allows her to remember every day of her life, and she put her talent to the test with a memory quiz.
Henner explained how she is one of only six people in the world who have the rare gift, and said she is able to visualise what happened on any given day in the same way that people would view the 'selected scenes on a DVD'. 'The Early Show' co-anchor REBECCA JARVIS asked the actress to name something that happened on specific days in 1975, and Henner passed the test with flying colours, saying, "My birthday was on a Sunday that year - that was April 6th. And Christmas was on a Thursday that year. And Thanksgiving was on the 27th that year". She was then asked by host LESLIE STAHL what happened on October 26th 1976, to which Henner replied, "1976 was a Tuesday. Oh, I went to shoot a ring-around-the-collar commercial in Venice, Italy", "That's it", replied Stahl.
The actress is set to release a book documenting her rare talent. "An Unforgettable Life - Yours: Lessons Learned from an Autobiographical Memory", is due to be published in the Spring of 2011.