Actress Marilu Henner once took her best friend to get birth control so she could lose her virginity to the man who was to become the TAXI star's third husband. Henner's new husband Michael Brown was her college roommate's boyfriend decades before the actress realised he was the man for her. She says, "I stayed away for a long time because of the girlfriend code... but he called me up. (Before that) I didn't even twinkle in his direction nor did he in mine. "We (Henner and her college roommate) were so close I took her to Billings hospital, next door to the University of Chicago... to get birth control pills to lose her virginity to this guy, so I knew them very well." But even though she waited to wed her old pal's ex, she hasn't been able to avoid upsetting her former girlfriend. She adds, "I knew everything about their relationship and now that he and I are together I know why she's not talking to me any more." Henner wed Brown in December 2006.