LATEST: Comatose French actress Marie Trintignant has undergone a "last chance" brain operation in an effort to save her life - after her family begged doctors to try everything.

Trintignant remains in a deep coma after being discovered unconscious at a Lithuanian hotel on Sunday (27JUL03). Police are questioning her musician boyfriend Bertrand Cantat (corr) - who allegedly beat her on the night in question.

Her film director parents JEAN-LOUIS and NADINE, and her son ROMAN are keeping a vigil at her bedside but doctors fear that the second surgery did nothing to improve her condition.

Doctor ROBERTAS KVASCEVICIUS (corr) says, "We have done an operation at the request of the patient's relatives and it was a last chance operation because the patient's condition was very complicated.

"Unfortunately, I think her days are numbered now because she is in a deep coma, and the surgical decompression that was performed wasn't enough."

31/07/2003 02:33