French actress Marie Trintignant is hospitalised in a coma after allegedly being beaten at her Lithuania hotel on Sunday (27JUL03).

Police have identified her boyfriend, French rock singer Bertrand Cantat, as a suspect.

Trintignant, 41, was brought to the hospital on Sunday morning (27JUL03) from the VILNIUS DOMINA PLAZA HOTEL where she was staying with her mother and Cantat, says DR ROBERTAS KVASCEVICIUS, a physician treating her at VILNIUS UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL.

Trintignant, daughter of film star Jean-Louis Trintignant, who is in the European country to film in a TV movie, underwent surgery to ease pressure on her brain caused by cerebral haemorrhaging but remains in a coma.

The doctor says, "At this point, I cannot promise anything."

Kvascevicius says that Trintignant is being kept alive by artificial respiration, adding, "In such cases, the chances for survival are minimal. The rate of mortality is 90 to 95 per cent. There is little chance she will pull through it."

Cantat is suspected of beating her early Sunday morning, says police spokeswoman RUTA ANDRUISKAITE.

She says Cantat, lead singer of the popular French band NOIR DESIR, had been admitted to the same hospital Sunday after drinking "dangerously high" amounts of alcohol but that he was released Monday (28JUL03), returning to the Domina Plaza Hotel. He is expected to go under police interrogation tomorrow (29JUL03).

28/07/2003 21:14