Marie Osmond has her sights set on becoming a role model for washed-up women who give up on life after marriage break-ups. Osmond, who is going through a divorce with estranged second husband Brian Blosil, admits she came close to letting the blues stop her life, but battled on. Now, after appearing on reality TV show Dancing With The Stars and losing pounds (kilograms) in the process, Osmond admits she's a great example of positive thinking. She tells the upcoming issue of Ladies Home Journal, "The only way people can control you is if you let them. I've allowed that. "(But) my life is not over. It's just beginning, because I'm aware. There are so many women out there hurting. "It's in their faces and their eyes. Fifty per cent of women now are divorced and raising kids by themselves. I think about that and, you know, I don't want them to give up." And, despite her two failed marriages, the 48-year-old insists she could wed again: "I am so not over men. I believe in marriage! "I was thinking about starting a new dating service for people who have eight or more kids. And then I was like, `Oh, look! I'm the only member!"