Seventies singer Marie Osmond is furious about Tom Cruise's recent comments about Brooke Shields' battle with post-natal depression, telling the Hollywood star he has no right to judge Shields' recovery from the illness.

The SUDDENLY SUSAN actress suffered post-partum depression following the birth of baby ROWAN in 2003 and has hailed the drug Paxil for helping her fight the mental illness. Shields has written about her experiences with the illness in her best-selling book DOWN CAME THE RAIN.

And the Minority Report hunk caused controversy recently when he criticised Shields' "misguided" drug use, insisting vitamins and exercise would have cured her of her depression.

Osmond, who suffered from depression after the birth of her son MATTHEW in 1999, has also written about her battle to stay sane in her 2001 book BEHIND THE SMILE: MY JOURNEY OUT OF POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION.

Osmond says, "What he (Cruise) said is very harsh for women who live it or have lived through it.

"He should not sit in judgment."

04/07/2005 09:20