Marie Osmond was "trapped" in the audience during one of her tour shows when fans rushed to meet her brother Donny.

The singing siblings are performing a number of concerts in the U.K., and debuted their set at London's O2 Arena on Sunday (20Jan13) before moving on to the Brighton Centre in south England on Monday night (21Jan13).

Donny and his sister venture out into the audience to meet fans during their gigs, but Marie admits one of their walkabouts ended in disaster when she got stuck in the crowd.

In a post on her page, she writes, "During our 'Zoot Suit' number, we go into the audience to say 'hi' and shake hands. I got trapped in the centre of a large group of women who were trying to reach my brother.

"I finally had to yell above the noise 'Can I please get through?' Then, they said...'Oh, it's Marie'... and let me get back to the stage. Wow, Donny fans are fierce! I'm all in one piece, thank goodness."