Marie Osmond signed up to perform a string of gigs over Christmas this year (12) as she can't face celebrating the festive season since her son's suicide in 2010.

The veteran singer has struggled to enjoy the holidays since her son Michael Blosil jumped to his death from the balcony of his Los Angeles apartment in February, 2010.

Osmond admits she is still mourning the loss, but she plans to keep busy over the next few months by staging concerts with her brother Donny.

She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "We are doing a big Christmas tour and the reason was (after) my son passed away, I told my brother Donny, 'I can't be home for Christmas. I am going to do a tour.' So he said, 'Let's do one together.'

"It never gets better. God gives you little bits of respite and then suddenly it will hit you, especially around the holidays... It was a terrible time (after his death). It is a club you wish nobody belonged to. A lot of people have lost sons and daughters. It's not a fun club to be a part of."

Osmond is playing dates in Arizona, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City in Utah in the coming weeks, before taking the show to the U.K. in January for a string of shows into February (13).