Veteran entertainer Marie Osmond has teamed up with bosses behind an emergency food company to encourage fans to be better prepared for tough times.

The Paper Roses hitmaker has signed on as the U.S. spokesperson for Wise Company, which produces dehydrated and freeze-dried foods for emergencies, and the singer insists she wouldn't have given her backing to the firm if she didn't really believe in the goods.

Osmond claims the emergency food is perfect for coastal areas prone to hurricanes and other natural disasters, like New York and New Jersey, which were hit hard by Superstorm Sandy last year (Oct12).

During an appearance on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America, she says, "The reason I wanted to do it is because it's affordable, you can eat a meal for a dollar, it's less than school lunch. It's affordable but really, look at what's been going on with Sandy, with Katrina, I mean, what was it, $78 billion of damage done just in New York and New Jersey.

"What it is is it's emergency meals and it's not your grandmother's kind, not the beans and rice and the gross chicken tasting garbage. This is lasagne and really good stuff, and I swear to you, why am I talking about this? Because I know it's gonna save thousands and thousands and thousands of lives. You put it under your bed, it's convenient, stick it in your closet, if something happens - I have it in my car. All you do is you open it and you add water, you don't even have to add hot water. It's affordable, it's convenient, they taste really good... I swear, it's fantastic. Give it to people for Christmas and save lives!"