Marie Osmond was ''shamed'' for going back to work after her son's death.

The 'Paper Roses' hitmaker tragically lost her son Michael - whom she had with second husband Brian Blosil - almost 10 years ago in February 2010 and she admits she was devastated when she was slated at the time for going back to work a week after the funeral.

She said: ''I've been shamed before. You know, if you take the topic of shame, you can say what you want about me, but when they start attacking your children or your family or those type of things, I think this world is in to too much of this shaming thing. For example, when my son died, I chose to go to work a week after his funeral. And the people were so cruel, because of me choosing to show my children they had to keep living ... It hurt my children more than anything that they would go through that.''

And the 59-year-old singer felt she was once again shamed when she supported her daughter and her new wife at their wedding recently.

Speaking on The Talk, she added: ''Another thing recently is my daughter is gay, and I went to her wedding. She just got married. And people were shaming me because of supporting my daughter. And, you know, the thing is, is that you should never shame anyone ... and I think especially for loving your child. Never you should shame someone.''