Veteran entertainer Marie Osmond was given the fright of her life on Tuesday (25Jun13) after a giant toy spider was used to scare her during a guest hosting stint on live U.S. show The Talk.

The singer was telling viewers about her fear of arachnids after commenting on viral video footage of Canadian meteorologist Kristi Gordon, who freaked out live on air after spotting a crane fly on a weather camera.

Sharing her story, Osmond said, "I hate spiders... My mother used to make us put up clothes on a clothesline and it was cold out so I went to put on a sweater and as I went to put my hand in (to the sleeve) it was like this bag of spiders (all over my arm)..."

The star didn't get to finish her story as a prop spider was placed on her shoulder, causing her to scream and jump out of her seat, shouting, "Jeez! It's not even funny!"

As her co-hosts Aisha Tyler, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Sara Gilbert laughed, she screeched, "Ah! Get it away!"