Marie Osmond says she is "all the way better" after contracting bronchitis that left her in hospital. Fans of the entertainer were shocked last week by news she was suffering with chest problems after a concert with her brother Donny in Las Vegas.
However, the 52-year-old claims to be back to full health and played down talk the illness was anything serious, telling People Magazine, "(It was) a cough. ... It was a big deal that was made from nothing". She later addressed Twitter followers, many of whom had expressed initial concerns, saying, "I think I laughed my bronchitis away. So much better!". She also wished fans an enjoyable Halloween, saying, "Ok, tomorrow's gonna be crazy busy, so this is my official Happy Halloween. Be safe, have fun, Carry a flashlight". The singer was assumedly referring to her own busy Halloween schedule, considering she has eight children in total. With second husband Brian Blosil, Marie has Jessica, now 23, Warren, 14, Brandon, 14, Brianna Patricia, 14, Abigail Michelle, 9, and Michael, who sadly took his own life in April last year aged 20. She later tweeted, "Brandon's going Goth.Bri is going day of the dead painted face. Matt and Abi have changed their minds about 40 times. Must be my kids!".
Following the health scare, Marie and her brother Donny have returned to the stage at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Their residency was recently extended to October 2012.