Marie-Josee Croze was "flabbergasted" to learn she had won the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday (25MAY03) - because she was up against such strong opposition.

The Canadian actress - who won for her role as a heroin junkie in THE BARBARIAN INVASIONS - joked about the fact she beat out Hollywood superstars like OSCAR-winner Nicole Kidman for one of the festival's top prizes.

She says, "It's incredible. I feel bad. I should call her and the others and tell them I'm sorry."

Croze learned she won the award while appearing live on a Radio-Canada television talk-show on Sunday afternoon.

She adds, "I'm in shock at the moment - completely flabbergasted. It was an important role but I expected the film would win prizes other than this one."

27/05/2003 21:16