Rocker Marianne Faithfull has praised former lover SIR MICK JAGGER - for always being "good to her".

The 57-year-old, who dated Rolling Stones frontman Jagger during his heyday in the 1960s, admits the pair are no longer as close as they used to be - but is grateful for her ex-flame's continuing kindness.

Marianne, who was the inspiration behind Stone's track ANGIE, continues to bump into the JUMPIN' JACK FLASH singer while on the road and always catches his gigs if she can.

She says, "I see him if we're in the same town and we're working, I'll go to the show, I'll get the best seats in the house and I'd go backstage and see them all.

"He's great, Mick, and I'm very fond of him, he was very, very good to me, and I would be a real c*** if I felt anything else.

"But it was so long ago, and things have changed - we've all moved on."

08/04/2004 17:04