Marianne Faithfull has joined ex-lover Mick Jagger in questioning Keith Richards' recollection of events in his explosive 2010 tell-all Life.
The singer, who has released two autobiographies of her own, read the rocker's tome with amusement - and insists he needs to get his facts straight.
She tells, "(It's) not completely accurate, no, but I liked it very much. I don't think accuracy really matters."
She admits she was upset by what Richards revealed about bandmate Jagger, suggesting the singer has always struggled to maintain relationships with women and that he treated Faithfull cruelly.
The book also details Jagger's use of cocaine and marijuana in the 1970s.
Faithfull adds, "I think he made a few mistakes. I wish he hadn't said those awful things about Mick - I think that was a bit much. I happen to know that Michael Peach is the editor and he's always been trying to get someone to say that.
"He wanted me to say that and I would never do it, but I would have gotten more money if I had."