Singer/songwriter Marianne Faithfull can't afford to retire from music - because she likes the finer things in life too much.
The star, who famously dated Mick Jagger in the 1960s, admits she has no savings and spends the money she makes from album sales, books and appearances on shoes and regular spa trips.
She explains, "I'm going to have to go on working. I make a good living, though I don't save. I'm pretty extravagant... I live very well.
"I'm not buying cocaine, and I'm not spending it on whiskey or champagne, but I have my weaknesses - I get my nails done once a week, and my toes every two weeks. I love clothes... I love shoes... It all mounts up.
"And (I have) a very expensive hairdresser... but I love it. I think I deserve all that."
But the 64 year old, who is preparing to release her 23rd album, admits she doesn't think she'll be recording for much longer.
She tells Spin magazine, "I don't see myself doing a lot more albums, but I do see at least one (more)."