Rocker Marianne Faithfull owes her close bond with Bob Dylan to the fact she shunned his sexual advances in the 1960s.

During a joint tour, Dylan furiously tore up a romantic poem inspired by Faithfull when he discovered she was pregnant with her son NICHOLAS and engaged to her first husband JOHN DUNBAR.

Concerned the awkward situation would cause a rift between the pair, Faithfull was surprised to witness their friendship go from strength to strength.

But now she realises the lack of sex is the very basis of their successful relationship.

She says, "We were on tour together and he was at the typewriter and I dared to ask, 'What are you writing?' He gave me a burning look and said, 'A poem. About you.' I told him I was pregnant with Nicholas and about to get married and he tore it up.

"But we're sill close friends - probably closer than we would have been if we did f**k."

14/01/2005 19:43