Singer and actress Marianne Faithfull is stunning movie fans at the Berlin Film Festival in Germany with her portrayal of a grandmother who becomes a London sex worker. Faithfull's starring role in IRINA PALM has become the hit of the festival so far. In the movie, the 1960s icon plays a grandma so desperate to raise funds for her sick grandson's medical treatment she signs up to pleasure men through a hole in a wall. Faithfull received a standing ovation at a press screening of the film yesterday (13FEB07). Earlier, at a press conference, she dedicated her performance to friends in the sex industry. She said, "I've had friends who have worked in the sex trade, really good friends, and they're now dead. Our film doesn't glamorise it. We try to make it as real as it possibly could be. "It's the sex trade. It's not fun for women."