Marianne Faithfull has acknowledged Rolling Stones star Keith Richards only helped out on her latest album out of guilt - because of the way the band treated her during their heyday.
The singer dated frontman Mick Jagger in the 1960s and spent a great deal of time partying with the rockers, even inspiring some of their most successful hits.
But Faithfull admits the group used her "as an ornament" and puts Richards' involvement in her new record, Easy Come, Easy Go, down to the guilt he felt over the past.
She says, "Yes, of course (I felt used), probably by the Stones and by Mick. That's maybe why Keith helped me out with this album. He's no fool. He knows I was used as an ornament, that I was great for their image. So he's given me something back."
And Faithfull reveals that nearly 40 years after their break-up, she is still on bad terms with Jagger, adding, "I don't think Mick likes me now."