Cancer survivor Marianne Faithfull is desperate to give up her lifelong smoking habit now she's been given a new lease of life. The singer and actress was forced to postpone her world tour when she was diagnosed with the disease last September (06) - but was given the all-clear from doctors at the end of 2006. However, she's worried that continuing to smoke cigarettes could jeopardise her new-found health. Faithfull says, "I know we all die sometime, but I would like not to be stupid about it. I hardly drink and don't do drugs but I do smoke. "I've tried everything to give up - hypnotism, acupuncture, patches - and I've read ALLEN CARR's book on how to stop smoking. But I've been smoking since I was 19, and so far nothing has worked. But I'm determined to kick it. "I'm going to take a new pill when I get back to Paris to get off cigarettes. I've just turned 60, I am a singer and I am still smoking. How stupid is that? But I've been very fortunate - I have been given another life to live."