It appears Mariah Carey's stint as a Tv talent show judge is over - according to her husband Nick Cannon.

The actor and television personality answered in the past tense when he was asked about his wife's future on American Idol in a recent Life & Style magazine chat.

Quizzed about reports suggesting former judge Jennifer Lopez is planning a return to the show to replace Carey, Cannon told the publication, "These rumours come from anywhere!" He then added, "My wife is the biggest superstar in the world and I know she had a wonderful time on Idol."

Playing coy about Carey's plans for the rest of 2013 and 2014, Cannon added, "I know my wife is so focused on her real career of being a singer and her new album that is coming out, which is incredible."

But pressed on the Lopez rumour, he stated, "To me, it sounds like it's Idol's loss."

Carey's time on Tv has been all about the drama - she clashed with fellow judge Nicki Minaj at an early audition and recent reports have suggested Idol bosses were considering replacing her with J.Lo during the season.