Mariah Carey's hooker sister ALISON claims police are trying to stop her from selling sex in her native Suffolk County, New York after setting her up on a houseboat and arresting her for prostitution.

The 44-year-old, who has been diagnosed HIV-positive, was arrested last month (JUN05) after agreeing to meet a client on his boat at a Long Island marina.

The prostitute was busted after she advertised her services on an Internet call girl site, using the name APRIL.

She was arrested and charged with a penal violation.

Alison tells US tabloid National Enquirer, "I got a call to meet a guy on a boat that was docked in a marina. I went onto the boat and told them I needed to use the bathroom.

"The man said, 'Don't use that room,' and he tried to stop me from opening the door but when I did I saw a policeman with radio equipment, and that's when they busted me for prostitution.

"The police have it in for me in Suffolk County."

08/07/2005 10:51