Pop diva Mariah Carey quit her first job as a hairdresser's assistant because she refused to change her name to ECHO.

The sexy singer swept up hair in a beauticians called DRAMATICS but was furious when bosses complained her name wasn't unusual enough and attempted to rename her.

She says, "The problem was they had this thing where they gave you a new name, and Mariah wasn't exotic enough for them, and they named me Echo.

"I walked out because I thought it was degrading."

Carey gets to recreate her life as a one-day wannabe stylist in the new issue of glossy American magazine IN STYLE, where today's pop, rock and hip-hop stars like Nelly, Avril Lavigne and LL Cool J agreed to go back in time for a special photospread.

Nelly recreates his first job as a UPS delivery man, Lavigne revisits her youth spent mowing lawns and LL Cool J poses as a newspaper delivery boy.

22/06/2004 09:33