Pop superstar Mariah Carey has confessed she is a diva.

The sexy singer has often faced accusations of diva-like behaviour as she rose to chart-topping success. But unlike Jennifer Lopez and many other fellow superstars, Mariah declares that the title is fitting for her - even if her definition differs to others.

She says, "Everybody's a diva these days. You can be the diva of garbagewomen - it doesn't matter. It's a little bit tired.

"When I was growing up, my mother was an opera singer, so I connected divas to someone who can really sing and is a bit grandiose. So I guess that would be me.

But she warns fans not to believe everything they read about her; "There are rumours about how I walked into a hotel and insisted on completely redecorating a room before I stayed there.

"Even funnier is that apparently I also refuse to walk on carpeting. So I guess I hover. How do people think I get from Point A to Point B?"

19/08/2003 02:19