Comedienne ELLEN DEGENERES saved Mariah Carey a few blushes on US TV on Friday (13MAY05) when she offered her her pinstriped suit when the singer's dress plans fell apart.

The pop star had planned to wear her prom dress for the interview part of her appearance on DeGeneres' daytime show, but decided it didn't look right and had no other outfit to wear.

So when DeGeneres offered to loan her one of her suits, Carey decided to try another style.

She says, "I knocked on Ellen's door. I didn't know if she was gonna say, `Get out of here, whatever,' and I said, `Can I really borrow this suit?'

"She was so nice and let me look through a bunch of different options... Thankyou to Ellen, stylist to the singers."

Lesbian DeGeneres was stunned by her guest's pinstriped look she wore the suit without a shirt underneath.

The host quipped, "I didn't know it could be worn like that."

14/05/2005 01:08