Mariah Carey has set the record straight on reports she's set to play a boxing manager in her next movie - she'll actually be playing a boxer.

In THE SWEET SCIENCE, the HONEY singer will step into the ring to battle with real-life boxing champ Laila Ali, daughter of legendary boxer MUHAMMAD ALI.

ANTHONY ESPOSITO, the film's producer, says, "Mariah was really keen on playing this role. At first, she was going to play the part of the boxing manager GLORIA. But she's been taking boxing lessons as part of her training."

Mariah will also record a soundtrack for the romantic comedy, which will begin production in New Jersey and Canada on 10 November (03) once she's finished her current CHARMBRACELET tour.

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump is also attached to the movie.

Esposito explains, "Donald is investing in the film and he'll make a cameo as well."

Mariah's feature acting debut in 2001's GLITTER proved to be a critically-panned box office flop.

30/07/2003 21:12