Mariah Carey was stunned when legendary opera star LEONTYN (corr) PRICE insisted on meeting her at Oprah Winfrey's recent LEGEND'S BALL - because she felt sure the diva had mistaken her for someone else.

Price, 78, was among the African-American women being honoured at the weekend gala, held partly at Winfrey's California estate.

And she made a point of telling Carey she was a big fan.

A thrilled Carey says, "Leontyn Price actually was telling me that she knew my video... and this is a woman who has made history and paved the way for just everybody.

"When Mr Price was telling me about my video and talking to me about my songs and my life and all these things, I was just so honoured and so shocked that she even knew."

25/05/2005 09:01