Pop diva Mariah Carey is fuelling speculation her new song CLOWN is about Eminem by dressing one of her dancers as the rapper for live performances.

Carey refused to confirm whether the track is about her one-time pal, who upset her when he suggested they were romantically involved.

Eminem further annoyed the pop superstar when he made fun of her on his Superman track, and later confessed, "I just don't like her as a person," in a ROLLING STONE interview.

But Mariah is enjoying payback now as she tours America with an elaborate stageshow, which involves a subtle dig at the rapper.

During Tuesday night's (29JUL03) show in Chicago, Illinois, Carey sang Clown while two masked men wearing pin-striped suits and standing on stilts bounced a dancer sporting a shaggy blonde wig and a DETROIT PISTONS basketball jersey.

When the song ended, a giant screen flashed THE MARIONETTE SHOW, using the same font and lettering as Eminem's THE EMINEM SHOW.

Cheeky Carey told fans, "It's all in fun. We're just having a good time with the show up here."

31/07/2003 09:28