Mariah Carey believes her sexy image is only offensive to "older housewives".

The GLITTER star, who has been showing off her curves in revealing outfits for years, doesn't worry about the criticism she receives for her style, because she's been told exactly who is disgruntled.

She says, "A lot of men have told me that it's only women - like older housewives who can't do the same type of revealing thing I do - who have issues with me being too sexy.

"But I'm very much a girl's girl who likes froufrou things - if I've ever gone overboard, it's out of rebellion.

"I started out with this Mary Poppins image that nobody would allow me to even play with. When I finally had my moment in BUTTERFLY, it was like, 'I'm gonna wear whatever I want, I don't care.'

"Sometimes because people look at you as a vocalist, they think you shouldn't have a body. Or show it if you do. But the women stars of all decades have... Barbra Streisand had an album cover where her butt was out!"

06/04/2005 09:19