Mariah Carey claims she hears so many singers repeating her style on radio today, she now believes she deserves getting royalty payments for it.

The IT'S LIKE THAT singer, 35, has noticed that much of her work is currently enjoying high chart status - even though she doesn't feature on the tracks.

She says, "There are definitely moments when I hear things that I've done, very specifically, repeated on record. And I'm like, 'Hmmm, that's interesting - did I get publishing (credit) on that?'"

Carey quickly adds, "We've all been influenced by other people. None of us would sound the same if Aretha Franklin hadn't ever put out a record, or Whitney Houston hadn't.

"If MINNIE RIPPERTON never existed, would I have even thought of singing in that (upper) register? I doubt it."

11/04/2005 21:39