Pop star Mariah Carey has rubbished reports she is a diva who refuses to use stairs - insisting she has to because she is terrified of elevators.

But the HONEY hitmaker refuses to let the ridiculous rumours about her behaviour upset her, because they're often so outrageous, all she can do is laugh at them.

She says, "I really, really hate elevators but I go in them when I have to.

"In Britain, the elevators seem to be much smaller than in America, so it gets me feeling even more uneasy.

"All the time I'm saying 'Can't we just take the stairs?' I'm always about stairs unless it's 20 flights. I even use stairs when I'm in my heels.

"I love finding out my latest quirks. If I get mad about it, they're just going to write more... Sometimes, I just don't know what people are talking about."

06/04/2005 17:32