Mariah Carey doubts she'll ever walk down the aisle again, following the collapse of her marriage to music mogul Tommy Mottola.

Carey divorced the former SONY RECORDS chief in 1998 after five years of marriage, and she's yet to find a man she'd consider exchanging nuptials with.

She says, "My first experience wasn't necessarily representative of what marriage is supposed to be like. And my own parents divorced when I was three.

"So other than my grandfather and his second wife, who I wasn't around that much, I never had a template for a healthy relationship."

And Carey, 35, is in no rush for motherhood either, adding, "I think about it. I'm not at the freak out point yet, so it's about making sure I'm with someone who would be a great father, and that the situation would be right for my child. Because being the child of someone who's in the public eye would probably be difficult."

For now, Carey is making do with her pet dog JACK.

12/04/2005 02:33