Mariah Carey has two men in her life - God and the pastor who helped her get through the toughest part of her life. The singer credits her faith with helping her bounce back from a breakdown in 2001/2002, following the failure of both the movie and album GLITTER, which prompted label Virgin to buy out her record contract. Carey was particularly helped by Reverend CLARENCE KEATON, who performed with her at the Grammy Awards this year (06), and who she describes as the most important man in her life. She says, "I really give credit for everything to God. Everything I have is because He has given it to me. So if I've had to go through some times that were a little difficult, and where some people had some different opinions about me - they still do and always will - but as long as I have that unconditional love from God, and I realise that no matter what, He is the one who will always be here for me, regardless. "For this particular moment in my life, I've been able to go to church more and I've been able to have a really good relationship with my pastor Reverend Clarence Keaton of the True Worship Church. He's just a really great person. That is something that has really helped me." Carey insists she's not looking for any romantic attachment, because she is still hurt by the failure of her marriage to record boss Tommy Mottola. She adds, "I don't feel comfortable being in like 50,000 different relationships. I've never been that type of person. I was married and that didn't work out, and that is something that in a lot of ways shaped the way I approach relationships." But Carey knows what qualities her next partner will need: "He would be on the same page with me spiritually, have a sense of humour and is not concerned about being overshadowed by the fame thing."