Mariah Carey's seven-month-old son can already play The Drums.

The singer and her husband Nick Cannon welcomed Moroccan and his Twin Sister Monroe into the world in April and they claim their little boy is already showing some musical talent.

'America's Got Talent' host Nick said: "My son knows how to play the drums. He actually knows how to keep The Rhythm and time. It's really crazy. They'll definitely have some skill in that area."

But it's not just Moroccan who is showing impressive skills for a baby of his age.

Nick claims both twins can already speak while the couple's little girl is trying to walk.

He told E! Online: "They're little baby geniuses. They're already singing and talking. They're both saying 'dada' and 'mama' and 'papa.' They're amazing. My daughter's already trying to walk."

Nick also revealed how he and Mariah won't by spoiling the twins this Christmas despite it being their first festive season.

He said: "This year there's no point because they won't remember it so all the toys are just going to be for me."

But one thing the babies won't be getting is a new brother or sister as the couple are done with having children.

Nick revealed: "I think we're good with two. That's what my wife says, 'I'm done! You got two out of me at once.' "