Mariah Carey got a bath time shock yesterday (06.05.10) when her dog jumped in the tub with her.

The singer wanted to have a long relaxing soak to unwind when her beloved Jack Russell Terrier ChaCha leapt into the bubbles and started splashing about.

She tweeted: "My dog ChaCha just jumped in the tub while I was trying to take a bath & she won't get out (obviously I did lol). (sic)"

However, rather than get angry, Mariah got out and watched the pampered pooch repeatedly dive into the bath, spilling water everywhere.

She added in another twitter post: "Now ChaCha is swimming/splashing in the tub/diving off the marble on the sides... and she won't stop... My hair is a soaked mess!"

Mariah, 40, then grabbed her camera to take some snaps for her and husband Nick Cannon's photo album.

She tweeted: "She's still in there... here she is in action lol. Yep, she cares not that I worked all nite. (sic)"