Mariah Carey is planning a "special" release for fans.

The singer remained tight-lipped on the project, but said it will answer questions as to what happened to tracks she recorded with Timbaland and Jermaine Dupri, which do not feature on her new album 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel'.

She said: "They're not on the album, but we have a special something planned that my record executive L.A. Reid would be very angry with me if I discussed right now. But for the fans, there will be more than one Timbaland track and at least one J.D. track."

Mariah has recorded a cover of Foreigner's 1984 single 'I Want To Know What Love Is' but denies her husband Nick Cannon;s claims that it was his idea.

She explained to MTV: "Nick says that he suggested it. He says that it was his idea.

"You know what it is? We're also friends, and so we talk about things. We talk about music, we talk about videos. There's nothing that we don't really have in common in a lot of ways. So yes, we did have a conversation about the Foreigner song, but I will not say that it was completely his idea. Sorry! I love you, Nick, but I'm not saying that!"