Mariah Carey is ditching her diva reputation when she embarks on her Adventures Of Mimi tour next month (AUG06), by travelling in a tour bus for the first time. In the past, the singer has always jetted between gigs by air - but she hopes a roadtrip will get her creative juices flowing. Carey kicks off the tour in Miami, Florida on 5 August (06). She says, "I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm doing the tour bus this time around. There will be much time for writing songs. "It's an experience I've never had. It will reconnect me, in a deeper way, to what's going on in the world - to what people are doing and thinking." She's even thinking of having a mobile studio built, so she can record while on the move. She says, "I fall back in love with the recording process when I've been away from it. "All I need now are for some companies to come along and equip the bus with gear and equipment."