Mariah Carey celebrated the end of her European tour with a ''space cake''.

The 'Hero' hitmaker was urged to unwind in Amsterdam by her creative director Anthony Burrell so she indulged in a ''really nice treat'' - a cannabis-laced brownie - at the Bulldog Cafe in the city, and quickly got the giggles.

She said on her docuseries 'Mariah's World': ''Am I eating this -- what??

''...They have really fun places (in Amsterdam), especially this cafe, and it's the Bulldog Cafe, and they have these, like, really nice treats there that you can buy and you look at the menu, and we don't have that in America.''

And the 46-year-old singer was left amused when one of her dancers ended up ''f***ed up'' from their treats.

The dancer, Shaun, told the group: ''I smell the cold. Oh my goodness, oh s**t!''

While Shaun was in denial about what was going on, Mariah advised him: ''Why won't you allow yourself to be high? Everybody else can clearly see that you are f***ed up!''

Elsewhere on the show, Mariah treated her now-boyfriend Bryan Tanaka to a lap dance on stage in a bid to persuade him to stay on the tour after he quit - officially due to a fractured kneecap though he also admitted on camera he was feeling ''pretty confused'' about his connection with the singer and her relationship with then-fiance James Packer.

After quitting by text, Mariah resolved to persuade him to stay and had him brought out on stage during her gig.

The dancer exclaimed: ''I'm freakin' out! ''What the heck is going on? I feel pretty nervous, pretty shocked...I got a lot of energy going on, fluttering through my body.''

After the raunchy performance, the 'We Belong Together' hitmaker called Bryan a ''really special person'' and admitted she didn't want him to leave.

He said afterwards: ''It was pretty amazing. That moment when I got to go on stage for a second, it was a special moment in time for Mariah and myself. I felt like no one really understood what I was going through and just to get that little extra love from Mariah...I'm not gonna lie it made me feel a lot better.

''At the end of the day, I'm extremely happy that Mariah's in my life. So if it just is that, it's great, I'd rather have that than nothing at all. I don't wanna go home! I wanna stay here.''