The We Belong Together hitmaker was set to wed billionaire James Packer up until October 2016, when they ended their engagement. Mariah quickly moved on with her backing dancer Bryan Tanaka and the pair went public in December (16), but according to the latest episode of the singer’s reality show Mariah’s World it appears their romance was a long time coming.

Opening up to fellow dancer G. Madison about his feelings towards the superstar, Bryan admitted it was more than a friendship to him.

“I love Mariah, she is thoughtful, she is inspiring, there is something so unique about her, she is a queen,” Bryan sighed on the programme, which documents Mariah’s Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour in 2016.

“I don't know what is going on. I don't know if I have been tripping but it has been kinda going a little nuts lately man… I feel like our chemistry is not professional, there is great chemistry professionally, but when we talk it feels like there is a connection that is more than what we have had for the past 10 years.”

He continued to describe it as a “complicated situation” as she was with then-fiance James, though fellow dancer Madison wasn’t sure that his friend was imagining the bond, saying he might be “spot on” with his senses. Bryan then told the cameras of his desire to be with Mariah.

“There is something undeniable about this attraction we have for each other. It feels like we are meant to be together,” he explained.

And when Mariah hired a house on Lake Como in Italy for her and the dancers to stay in during the tour, the backing dancer struggled to keep his cool under the same roof as the singer.

Speaking to the camera away from the crowd, Mariah admitted she also felt a bond with Bryan, divulging: “I am not going to say that I don't feel the chemistry or whatever it is. Tanaka is a good person and I am happy that we have reconnected.”