Mariah Carey says her twins were fantastic while they worked on her album.

The star's daughter Monroe and son Moroccan, both three, both contributed to a song on 'Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse' and their famous mother was delighted at how they handled the recording sessions.

She told the Sunday Mirror newspaper's Notebook magazine: ''It's astonishing to hear my daughter sing and to sing with her, she's a natural.

''I feel like I'm bragging, but they're both featured on a song called 'Supernatural' on the album, I wrote it about them and for them.

''It blows my mind, the attention span they have when we're recording.''

Mariah suggested her ''script'' parenting with regards to technology could be a reason they were more tuned into the session.

She explained: ''I guess it's because I don't let them sit on the iPad all day, I'm strict about that.

''Monroe if I put her on stage, doesn't want to leave, and I've noticed she wants to sing a song in her own way. She's taking creative control.

''Roc is a true guy, he'll be there in his pyjamas and lie next to me and watch a whole movie - he'll know the dialogue, know what scene is coming next, they're both aware of everything.''