She's been linked to these sorts of positions before, but with such an opening going on 'American Idol' it seems that the latest rumors that suggest pop legend Mariah Carey might be jumping on board to fill in one of the vacant judges slots on the program might have some legs.
The Press Association are keeping very guarded about their source, who requested anonymity because of the apparent seriousness of the negotiations between the two parties. The source is perhaps being understandably coy too, given that Carey has been approached in the past - and not just by 'Idol'. A couple of years ago the thought of getting someone like her would be considered unrealistic, but one only needs to look at the profile of the two judges who are on their way out - Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler - to see just how lofty a position being a judge on the reality show can be. Indeed across on 'X Factor', Britney Spears' signing as a judge sent shockwaves throughout the reality singing contest game, with companies now willing to spend millions on star power in order to keep fresh a now relatively old model of programming.
It's hard to believe that Carey would appear for much less, if any, than the reported $15 million Spears received on 'X Factor', and question marks would remain about her ability to get across on TV, with the star having a somewhat erratic past. However her experience in the game is second none, and that would perhaps outweigh the potential pitfalls.