Mariah Carey is ''very involved'' in writing her own songs.

The 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' hitmaker released her 15th studio album 'Caution' last week, and she is listed as a co-writer and producer on each of the 10 tracks.

Priscilla Renea - who has worked with the lies of Rihanna and Fifth Harmony - told Rolling Stone magazine: ''You can't start writing before Mariah gets into the room; she wants to be involved...

''She's very animated; she has all these one-liners she'll always say. We were talking about the different things that are a no-no that have been happening. I don't even need to say it, but our president is a no-no.''

This train of thought led to the track 'A No No', and Mariah's heavy involvement is typical of her work in the studio.

The Stereotypes producer Ray Romulus also collaborated with the star on the LP - resulting in the song 'Stay Long Love You' - and he has revealed how much input she really has.

She added: ''I was watching Wendy Williams a couple weeks ago, and she made a comment about how Mariah just walks into a studio and songs are made for her and she just sings them.

''I want to let her know: No. Mariah writes all her records. She's very involved in every step of the way. She knows her stuff.''

As well as working with a number of talented writers and producers to realise her own vision, the singer also features a number of collaborations on the record.

While Gunna appears on 'Stay Long Love You', Ty Dolla Sign can be heard on 'The Distance', and both Slick Rick and Blood Orange lend their skills to 'Giving Me Life'.