Mariah Carey said she was "almost inacapable" of expressing how she felt about the death of Whitney Houston whilst talking on 'Good Morning America.' Carey and Houston were great chart rivals in the 90s, and many assumed that had bled over into a personal rivalry too. However coming together on the duet 'When You Believe' in 1998 saw the pair become friends, and as such the news of Houston's death was undoubtedly a shock to Carey.
"Where do I begin," Carey said, "There's so many different things that I went through." Instead, the singer chose to focus on the funeral, remarking at how well the family handled the situation of what was a high-pressure event - only added to by the fact the whole service was televised. "It was great," she said, describing the deceased as "Such a class act, the way she went out and the way her family dealt with it.
Going on to talk of her complicated relationship with the late star, Carey commented "I don't think people could ever understand our relationship," going on to add "There was always this supposed rivalry in the beginning and then we did the duet and became friends. I saw her towards the end. I loved her. It's very heavy emotionally."